National Geographic Doubles Bet

National Geographic’s Holiday 2008 Catalog will help you catch Gary Baker coming and going. It’s a radio controlled tarantula that crawls with real spider-like movement. Its furry texture makes it seem like the McCoy. Use the unique spider-egg remote control to send the arachnid scurrying across any smooth, flat surface. Go ahead, scare the pants off of Gary.

NatGeo Doubles Bet

NatGeo Doubles Bet

This is what they say about this “Award Winning” gift:

Did you know that not all tarantulas are brown? The cobalt blue tarantula lives in Thailand, and a tarantula with blue-green legs and a bright orange abdomen is found in Venezuela. No matter what color, spiders are one of the creepiest crawlers out there, and now you can control one yourself. Because their eight legs move separately, be prepared for screams when one scuttles realistically from beneath the table.

  • Included: educational fun fact; two tarantulas, one of each color
  • Required: 2 AAA and 3 AA batteries, not included
  • 7” leg span
  • Ages 6 and up

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